Jean Noir

I am neither a “retoucher” still a “photographer” – im like a vagabond, an artist on journey, traveling… here … to create moments and give them eternity” THATS MY PASSION

Jean Noir was born in Germany close to Frankfurt/Main. In July 2012 he discovered the magic and world of working with personalities & souls. Creating moments and freezing them into pixel makes him traveling across the globe and capturing this beauty behind.

Jean´s work is focused on People & Editorial Photography working with agencies but also teaching in workshops, coachings and classes the way of working and creating his style and message in his pictures. He is globally acknowledged for his intense and deep color looks and his emotional frames showing the soul of the person.

Since 2016 his and the home of the NOIRteam became the NOIRstudio between Darmstadt & Frankfurt (Urberach), fitted with RotolightAnova.

As a ROTOLIGHT „Master of Light“ Jean is traveling & working most of the time with his 2 NEO´s helping and making his work with available light complete.